Full Spectrum Doula

What is a Full-Spectrum Doula?

A full-spectrum doula is someone who acknowledges that there are a variety of different experiences and outcomes that come with pregnancy, not just childbirth alone. We understand that traumatic experiences regarding pregnancy and childbirth are a part of many people’s lived experiences and therefore aim to provide unconditional support to all who are seeking it. As a full spectrum doula my values are rooted in the Reproductive Justice model of care; Everyone should have the right to parent, the right not to parent, and the right to decide where, with whom and how we give birth.


What is an Abortion Doula?

An abortion doula is someone who provides compassionate and judgement- free support to those who are considering abortion as an option. Although we are not medical professionals, within our scope we can offer emotional, spiritual, and informational support before, during and after an abortion. 

Full Spectrum Package

Sliding Scale- $150-$300

(Accepts Payment Plans and accommodation of pricing for low income & underserved families)

  • Free Initial Consultation

  • Unlimited Phone, E-mail, & Online Support 

  • Emotional, Spiritual & Informational Support

  • At Home or In-Clinic Support During Abortions (for local clients only)

  • Rebozo Support

  • Perineum Steaming 

  • Herbal After-Care for Fertility Support 

  • Ceremonial Offerings & Ritual Wellness Baños

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