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About Talyce Ketura



Bendiciones! My name is Talyce Ketura (they/she) and I identify as a queer, gender-fluid, mixed Afro-Caribbean fem. I currently occupy unceeded Ohlone Land in Oakland, CA, and I serve clients both virtually and in person within my private practice as a full- spectrum doula, community herbalist, and racial & reproductive justice educator.


My journey with gestational support began in 2017 where I studied prenatal and postpartum care with Birthwise School of Midwifery in Bridgeton, Maine. I then explored abortion and miscarriage support practices with Full Spectrum Doula and continued my education within lactation support, herbalism, and traditional birthing with various teachers and mentors around the states and in Mexico.


In 2019, I decided to learn with a cohort that trained specifically doulas of color in Oakland, CA at the Roots of Labor Collective. I have always been passionate about discovering different traditional healing modalities and interweaving that with reproductive justice. I believe that providing accessible reproductive care is vital for building healthy communities and fostering a destigmatized model around tapping into our own body wisdom.


Much of my work over the last several years has centered racial and gender equity both within my gestational work and within my activism. I create healing affinity spaces for QTBIPOC at gatherings and events as well as provide education around racial equity within my community. I believe that birthwork is political and not separate from issues around race, gender, class, ability etc. As a Queer identified Afro-Caribbean fem, it is my mission to serve my communities in a way that embodies safety, equity & client-centered compassionate care. 

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